Demand Flow Manufacturing Success Stories

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What People Say

"The John Costanza Institute Of Technology Provides Companies With The Leadership And DFT Tools To Attain Global Competitiveness In The Marketplace."
Roger A. Emerick
LAM Research Inc.
"Among The Men And Women Who Have Helped U.S. Manufacturing Return To World Preeminence, John Costanza, Stands Out Like A Lighthouse".
Fortune Magazine

Demand Flow Technology Is The Foundation Of Our Success.  It Has Evolved From A Business Strategy To A Core Competency Of Our Company.

Emmanuel Kampouris

American Standard Companies

What Our Customers Have to Say

Customers Reviews

"Our involvement with DFT dates back to 1990 when a commitment was made to convert facilities worldwide to Demand Flow Manuacturing. By implementing the technology, we've realized benefits in cost savings, in productivity and quality improvements, and in inventory reduction"
Cyril Gallimore
American Standard
"Another company doubled its inventory turns through sharp reductions in both raw material and work-in process inventories. It did so by implementing Demand Flow Manufacturing Technology, as described in The Quantum Leap, by John R. Costanza. This stuff really works. By shortening the company's Total Product Cycle time they were able to improve customer service and reduce debt at the same time."
John Rutledge
Rutledge & Company

What People Say

DFT not only revived my career but set me on a lifelong pursuit to convert plants and other operations to a flow process with minimal waste. I started using the mantra, “Lean is a philosophy, DFT is the method to get there.”
Vince Botto
Management Consultant
"The Quantum Leap Presents Eye-Opening Information About The Current State Of American Industry. It Describes The Steps That Manufacturers Need To Take To Compete Successfully In The Global Marketplace".
Joseph Carlin
Eaton Corporation
"Many Of The Principles Of DFT Can Also Be Found In Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Flow, And Agile Manufacturing Ideologies. But JCIT Appears To Have The Greatest Impact In The Marketplace.
Alice Greene
President Industry Direction
"Many Of Our Customers Have Been Through JCIT's Seminars. We Find That They Are Some Of Our Best Prospects. We Fully Support What Mr. Costanza Is Doing."
Karin Bursa
American Software
"It Is One Thing To Listen To A Class And Hear The Lecture, It Is Another To Do Something With That Knowledge. With JCIT There Is A Much Better Understanding Of What Must Be Done And How Exactly To Accomplish It."
Richard Brunner
Brass Operations
"Much Of The Focus On Response To Date Has Been On The Product-Development Cycle. But The Clock Keeps Ticking Until You're In Full Production. For That Reason, We're Seeing More Interest In Tools To Collapse The Integration Cycle To The Shortest Time Possible".
Joseph Campbell
VP Marketing At Adept Technology, Inc.
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