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Company-Wide Training

DFT Training Workshops are designed for all organizations in the manufacturing company, from top management to all employees in manufacturing, engineering, planning, marketing, finance, accounting, facilities and employee relations.  DFT is a complete business strategy.  Our digital and “live” products allow companies to easily tailor training toward certain departments or topics.

Practitioners not Theory

Experience & Proven Leadership

The Global Leader in Flow Manufacturing Education


Management Leadership & Commitment

  • Training
  • Proven Path
  • Management Metrics


Digital Training

  • Live Instructors
  • Video Conferencing
  •  Instructor With Live Q&A
  • Proven Implementation Path Training
  • On-Demand Q&A


Online Courses

  • On-Demand Training
  • Digital Training on Your Schedule
  • DFT Topics or Organizational Focused

Digital Workshops Cover All of the Key Topics for Today's Global Flow Manufacturing Business Strategy

 Digital Workshops have expanded mix-model topics that could only be taught from the knowledge and experience of Mr. Costanza.  Workshops include live video footage from his DFT implementations around the world.  Each digital session has a follow-up quiz, plus your own “hands-on” lab.  The Hands-On ensures the highest level of information retention.

DFT Training Factory Workshop

Management Commitment

  • DFT Business Strategy
  • Eliminating Working Capital
  • Eliminating (Push) Scheduling
  • Technology-DFT vs. Philosophy-Lean
  • Flow Management Metrics
  • Implementation Path and Time Frame

Flow Line Design

  • Designing the Flow Process
  • Process Volume  & Mixed-Models
  • Process Design vs Philosophical Value Stream
  • PPM in-Process TQC
  • 5S’s and Six Sigma with TQC
  • Design Efficiency

Mixed-Model Flow

  • Balance Index & Variation
  • Line Design Efficiency Target
  • Synchronized Vs. Paced Operations
  • Points of Caution
  • Large Takt Design
  • Efficiency & Labor vs Automation

Demand Driven Production

  • Demand Without Schedules
  • Daily Rate Planning & Linearity
  • Any Model-Any Volume
  • Order Smoothing 
  • Sales Order Sequencing 

Flow Based Costing

  • Costing in a Flow Process
  • Eliminating Labor Based Costing
  • Automative Cost Drivers
  • Anticipated Evaluation & Recovery Variances
  • Steps to Doubling Turn-Over

Kaizen Perfection & Waste Elimination

  • Black Belt Evaluation
  • Priorities for Waste Elimination
  • Process Capacity
  • Supplier Qualifications
  • Virtual Kanban & RIP Suppliers
  • Supplier Triggers to Eliminate Shortages

Kanban Pull System

  • Kanban Design & Management
  • Kanban Trigger for Shortage Elimination
  • Backflush Automation
  • Single, Dual-Card and Non-Repeating
  • Finished Goods Kanban
  • Electronic Kanban
  • Double-Digit Design

Self-Directed Workforce

  • Employee Training for Flexibility
  • Flexible Workforce Reward Systems
  • TQC and DFT Op Valuation 

Formal Computer Systems

  • Role for the Computer in DFT
  • ERP Compatibility Requirements
  • Simplify the ERP System with DFT
  • Which Systems to Avoid
  • ERP Evaluation Criteria

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