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In Manufacturing Today, What Are The Manufacturing Trends?

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Manufacturing Trends

Often times manufacturing sees new “buzz terms” used for success in manufacturing.  At the end of the day success should be measured by profitability and growth opposed to black belt waste brigades and Sigmas.

There is nothing wrong with discussing philosophy in Manufacturing, as long as it is discussed after a firm has already utilized mathematics and designed a solid Flow and Pull foundation.



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Aggressive Implementation on-Kaizen

Mathematics as Opposed to Philosophy


Process Perfection

The Easy Part

Design the Line First...and Then Teams Can Work Toward Continual Process Perfection.

Manufacturing today

Over the past decade, companies have lost their leadership drive and passion for manufacturing excellence and instead settled for off-shore production and mediocre performance.  They pursue philosophical and feel good theories that have a minimal impact to the bottom line or the company’s competitiveness. 

Leaders continue to focus on labor, the smallest portion of product cost, while walking past a goldmine of millions of dollars in working capital. All elements of product cost are important, but labor is the one element that leadership can focus on without getting involved or making strategic changes to improve their current manufacturing business.

Often times management will claim to be following the lead of the Japanese or the Toyota pull production system with their own program. Then their program turns out to be a simple waste elimination for continuous improvement program built upon a flawed and out-dated batch/scheduling foundation. 

Their manufacturing technology still push-based, with ERP production scheduling, picking kits, departments, external inspection and labor tracking to an operation and scheduled quantity?

These push-methods are contradictory to the Toyota production system, which is a pull-based, Flow production process. It appears that Western management is just continuing with outdated techniques, mundane manufacturing objectives and the same old labor focus under a “new” name? 

With all of the philosophical theories and Japanese buzzwords currently in vogue, Western management may not understand the strategically different foundations and techniques required to make the transformation and become globally competitive.  The mission of JCIT2 is to provide the strategic path and manufacturing tools to make the transformation reality.

"Among the men & women who have helped U.S. manufacturing return to world preeminence, John Costanza, stands out like a lighthouse".
Fortune Magazine

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