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Manufacturing Systems

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92K Graduates and 2,900 Companies. Call today to discuss training and implementation options.

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We provide clients with the tools and assistance to train consistently and internally today and into the future.

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DFT provides the tools to achieve Flow Manufacturing Excellence. Any-Model, Any-Volume, Any-Day.

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JCIT2 Has the technology & experience to provide training and consulting services online & on-site.

Manufacturing Systems

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client testimonials

"Among the men & women who have helped U.S. manufacturing return to world preeminence, John Costanza, stands out like a lighthouse."
Fortune magazine
"The Quantum Leap presents eye-opening information about the current state of American industry and describes the steps that manufacturers need to take to complete successfully in the global marketplace".
Joseph carlin
Eaton Corporation
"The John Costanza Institute of Technology provides companies with the leadership and DFT tools to attain global competitiveness in the marketplace."
Roger a. emerick
LAM Research Inc.
"Millions of Americans will see the quiet revolution taking place in U.S. industry."
Greg Dobbs
ABC World News
"Another company doubled its inventory turns through sharp reductions in raw material and work-in process inventories. It did so by implementing DFT, as described by the Quantum Leap, by John Costanza. This stuff really works, by shortening the company's total product cycle time they were able to improve customer service and reduce debt."
John rutledge
Forbes Magazine
"DFT has also increased Standard's flexibility, allowing its assembly lines to handle many different products in single shift."
andrew j. stevenson
American Standard
"DFT is an absolute business discipline, and for every one of us-from the factory floor to the office-it is another way to simplify the put order into everything you do."
Jack welch
General Electric Corporation

JCIT students come from all sectors of the manufacturing industry.  37% from Fortune 500 manufacturers, and others from lare and mid-sized industrial companies.  In recent years, even executives and vice presidents have begun attending, changing the audience from largely process engineers and operation managers.

Alice Greene

past president of industry directions

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