John Costanza

John Costanza

Demand Flow Technology

Nobel Nominee

Author of “The Quantum Leap”

Author of “Disruption of Mediocracy in Manufacturing”

Fortune Magazine, Hero of Manufacturing

Nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics

Odyssey of The Mind Creativity Award

Saving Companies Billions

Founder and Chairman

John Costanza

John Costanza is the creator of Demand Flow Technology (DFT), the foundation for the company-wide business strategy, which allows manufacturers to adjust product volume and mix every day in accordance with the direction of actual sales. DFT creates a competitive company that continuously produces in the direction of customer demand without building or carrying unnecessary working capital. The powerful pull process and high inventory turnover also allows Engineering to quickly make product improvements and introduce new products. The design process and documentation are simpler with minimal exposure to expensive excess and obsolete products and inventory. This allows companies to bring new products to market ahead of the competition, as well as meeting customer demands and shareholder commitments. DFT will strategically maximize manufacturing and financial assets.

Mr. Costanza has received several patents for his work in DFT. He is the founder of the John Costanza Institute of Technology, JCIT, and JCIT 2, the newest generation of digital manufacturing education and consulting. As President of the John Costanza Institute of Technology, he is responsible for the DFT training of over 84,000 students, from 2,900 companies, in 51 countries…saving companies billions!

Costanza has been recognized by a myriad of publications and news media, including Fortune Magazines Heroes of Manufacturing and the ABC Evening News. He has received numerous awards, including The Odyssey of the Mind Creativity Award for “Person of the Year,” and he has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

He is the recognized expert on DFT and in fact, he has written several books on it. His earlier book, The Quantum Leap: In Speed to Market, sold over 650,000 copies around the world and has been translated into five languages. His current book has exceeded initial printings and is being sold internationally.

After 11 years of leading an international consulting firm, he created JCIT, Inc. in 1995, with a plan to spin it off from the parent company, John Costanza Institute of Technology, Inc. This gave him the freedom to move from the bonds of the daily business and look into the future of the rapidly developing internet for digital training and Artificial Intelligence consulting. 

Today, he remains Chairman of the John Costanza Institute of Technology Inc., as well as the President of the rapidly growing JCIT 2; the digital company for the next generation of DFT digital training and consulting. The fact that JCIT 2 can conduct training with tools and systems that are far beyond the capability of live instructors is very satisfying. “The future of digital training is exploding, and the AI is fun and enjoyable for the students”.

Mr. Costanza’s passion is manufacturing, and he finds great reward when DFT takes a company from scheduling to a Demand Driven Flow manufacturing company. “It’s euphoric,” he’s said about the feeling of thanks he’s received from employees while walking the DFT plant after a successful implementation and certification presentation.

John Costanza Institute of Technology - JCIT2

With advances in telecommunications, the internet and logistic networks, companies around the world have become a single, common marketplace.  Companies must contend with domestic as well as international competitors.  Manufacturers must build response and flexibility into their manufacturing operations and then must leverage that response to gain market share and profit margin.  Companies that want to truly compete in the future must differentiate themselves from competitors.  In order to turn businesses into global industry leaders, corporations must deploy advanced strategies and tactics with proven foundations.

As a business strategy, JCIT 2 tools of Demand-Driven Flow Manufacturing provide an incredible advantage for companies to control the manufacturing, supply chain and distribution pipelines based on actual demand.  Far superior to the schedule and forecast based Lean production.  This business strategy creates a dynamic opportunity for management to strategically attack competition and increase market share, profitability and improve cash flow. Additional benefits include an increase in productivity, company-wide inventory turns, reduction in total working capital, freed-up manufacturing floor space, and reduced cost of quality.


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