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The first step toward profits and success with Flow Manufacturing is to train your team.  It is often difficult for Western companies to explain the extreme pitfalls of scheduling.  The realization of Flow Manufacturing excellence is the first step in the DFT Transformation, and this is a step to be celebrated!

Flow Manufacturing Certifications

DFT Flow Certifications Only Available Through JCIT2

Topics Presented For Certification:

  • DFT Design Excellence
  • DFT Strategic Business Response, Pull Vs. Push
  • The Flow Process Design & Product Synchronization
  • Sequence of Events
  • In-Process TQC
  • Operational Method Sheets
  • Flow Line Design
  • Takt Time
  • Introduction to Mixed-Model Line Design
  • DFT Process Balance
  • In-Process Kanban (IPK)
  • Any Volume Vs. Fixed Volume
  • Daily Line Staffing
  • Flow Rates
  • Total Product Cycle Time
  • An Introduction to Implementation

Topics Presented for Certification:

  • DFT Design Excellence
  • DFT Strategic Business Response, Pull Vs. Push
  • Kanban Materials Management
  • Kanban Master
  • Kanban Sizing
  • Dual Card Kanban & Machine Cells
  • Non-Replenishable Kanban
  • Backflush Management Inventory
  • DFT Bill of Material
  • Intermediate Backflush
  • Engineering the DFT Bill of Material
  • Field Replaceable Unit
  • Engineering Change Orders
  • Demand Based Management
  • Flexing Toward Demand
  • Safety Stock
  • Daily Staffing
  • Sequencing the Mixed-Model DFT Line
  • DFT Linearity
  • Team Pass
  • DFT Supply Chain Strategies
  • Supplier Quality Performance
  • The Self Directed Workforce
  • Introduction to the DFT Implementation


The following data is required to facilitate the design of a new Demand Flow Line:

  • Family/process definitions detailing all products in each family and the processes associated with each family.
  • Product synchronizations for each finished manufactured product part number are required.  These diagrams display the relationship of Flow of the manufacturing processes required by each product.  Typically, numerous products will share a common product synchronization; in this case, one diagram may be used for each mixed-model family.  Examples of simple product synchronizations are included with this document.
  • Standard sequence of events for each process contained within a product synchronization.  Included with this document is the Mixed-Model Workshop format your team should use in compiling sequence of event data.
  • Process maps that identify scrap, rework, and option percentages and total work content times in a matrix listing manufactured product part numbers along the vertical axis and processes on the horizontal axis.  The process map for total work times should list labor and machine times separately in units of minutes.  Examples of process maps are included with this document.
  • Demand at capacity defined for each product.  This data is provided as a joint effort between marketing, manufacturing, and senior management.
  • Resource listing identifying effective hours and shifts, the number and type of labor resources, and all machine resources in the target area.
  • Kanban pull design criteria should be defined for all component parts that will be pulled to the Flow line.  This includes the pull sequence and the replenishment time frame.

The Demand Flow mixed-model Flow line will be live and running to daily rates.  The production employees are flexing correctly and there is an employee-training program to promote certification via the employee involvement board.

The DFT Certification approval process will review the organizational support of the implementation.  Discussions will involve the flexible pay plan, DFT operational method sheets, Kanban management, Flow Based Costing, flexible purchasing, virtual Kanban, Demand-Based Management (DBM), daily resource planning, and linearity.

Single DFT Diamond Plant Certification:  Doubling Inventory Turns


Double DFT Diamond Plant Certification:  Doubling Inventory Turns Twice


Triple DFT Diamond Plant Certification:  Doubling Inventory Turns Three Times


Certification Requests

Certifications and Diplomas are shipped on a weekly basis once training is verified and complete.

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