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Flow Manufacturing

Flow Manufacturing Is The Foundation Under The Toyota Production System (TPS), Demand Flow Technology (DFT), Lean, Six Sigma, Agile and Kaizen Process Improvement. Flow Is Designed With Pull Production And Pull Supply Chains That Replace The Outdated and Non-Competitive Tools of Schedule /Batch Manufacturing. Flow Manufacturing Is The Essential Business Strategy for Demand-Driven Manufacturing, In-Process PPM Quality With High Inventory Turn-Over and The Elimination Of Unnecessary Working Capital. Flow Manufacturing Is The Critical First Element For The Competitive Global Corporation.

We Are The Global Leader In Flow Manufacturing Education & Implementation With Digital & On-Site Leadership

John R. Costanza

  • Nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics
  • Odyssey of the Mind’s Innovation Person of the Year
  • Fortune Magazine’s Heros of Manufacturing
  • Multiple Halls of Fame
  • International Speaker & Author
  • Manufacturing Practitioner With Over 40 Years of Flow Experience

The Quantum Leap

  • Introduced the World to Flow Manufacturing
  • Over 650,000 Copies Sold
  • Translated into 6 Languages
  • Saving Companies Billions

Disruption of Mediocracy

  • The Ultimate Textbook For Not Only Defining Flow Manufacturing, But Also How to Implement it Worldwide
  • Defines and Compares Today’s Methodologies
  • Case Studies of DFT Implementations
  • Text Book for all Flow Business Strategy Education
  • Expands on the Quantum Leap to Address Implementation Steps, Manage Metrics and Formal Computer Systems Beyond ERP

John Costanza & DFT

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The TPS was created in the late 50’s to get the Japanese manufacturing economy moving after WWII. With a focus on Flow Production productivity and in progress quality without unnecessary inventory; just-in-time pull materials...

Flow Manufacturing


Demand Flow Technology takes Flow Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System into a mathematical foundation that can be used in any product, any volume, in any industry...

Lean & Six Sigma

Lean & Six Sigma

Any successful Lean Enterprise is based upon a Flow Production and material pull process as a critical first step...

Demand Flow Technology

Introduction to Flow

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Watch Now: Flow Manufacturing Introduction

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With DFT Implementations Around the wold, JCIT2 is the ONLY company With Published Results for taking hundreds of companies from single digit to double digit inventory turns beyond 20

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